Do you know math? Have you heard of color theory and know how to mix two colors? You think thats child's play?

Maybe you're right, but what about solving simple math problems while at the same time you have to mix two colors together? How long can you keep that up against the clock? The clock which is constantly getting faster!

One thing you should know right away. It's pretty hard! Your brain handles each of those tasks with one of its hemispheres. One is better fit to solve logical tasks, like math problems. The other is rather creative and will look at the colors for you.

The annoying little detail is, that your brain takes an awful lot of time to switch tasks. You'll be surprised how often you're seemingly just sitting there, waiting for your brain to get ready serving you. But the time keeps ticking!

You can only make two errors on each side. The game ends with the third error. The timer running out is an error as well.

Train your brain!

By simply playing this, you'll fasten your reflexes and lower the time it takes your brain to switch tasks from analytical to creative and back.

Compare to players around the world!

Using Game Center, you can compare yourself to players all over the world. There are lists for best Number Crunchers, top Color Artists and of course overall best players.

Try getting all the trophies!

As you get better, you might want to have a grab at some of these shiny trophies for outstanding achievements! There are rewards for very quick players, for sustained players, for left or right leaning players, and more!

Free Tip #1: Use two hands!
Free Tip #2: Using headphones lets you hear the stereo postion of the sounds. Can be quite helpful in intense situations.